The Biggest Professional Sports Blunder in the 21st century

Ray Shero, what were you thinking?

The General Manager of the Penguins (aforementioned Ray Shero) has managed to roster Marc-Andre Fleury, Sidney Crosby, and Evgeni Malkin and yet were the season to end today, Pittsburgh would not be headed to the post-season. How is this possible?

Simply put Ray Shero will be looked upon as quite possibly the worst general manager in the history of hockey for his catastrophic goof up. Some people looked at the price paid for Marian Hossa (including yours truly) when the trade was made and said, “Thank God my team wasn’t involved in this trade.” In the end, Shero acquired Marian Hossa, and Pascal Dupuis for his Stanley Cup run, but gave up a ton in order to get the talented Hossa. The Pens shipped off Colby Armstrong (Sidney Crosby’s best friend at the time), Erik Christensen, Angelo Esposito (Penguins most prized prospect), AND a 1st round draft pick.

How the Penguins could hire a man that doesn’t understand that depth wins championships, not a few high priced all stars, is astounding. When dealing with these high priced forwards, it is a well known fact that youthful, cheap, talent around them is crucial, and that is just what they sent to Atlanta.

Now, the Penguins are in shambles, with $32.25 million committed to just five players (Crosby, $9 mill/yr, Malkin, $9 mill/yr, Sergei Gonchar, $5.5 mill/yr, Fleury, $5.25 mill/yr, Jordan Staal, $3.5 mill/yr soon to be raised to $4.5 mill/yr) and only tenth place in the Eastern Conference to show for it.

Unfortunately, there is no real magic fix for this situation: they have big salaries, and most likely can’t keep all of those guys if they are losing. Shero desperately needs an infusion of prospects into his minor league rosters, and might use some of his NHL talent to get those prospects.

For now, it looks like Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin will go cupless, as long as they’re in Pittsburgh. Way to go Shero.


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